Dog Toys

After searching around we found what we believe to be good Quality Toys and Items for your dog and puppies every day needs and play times.
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  • Bunch Family

    Bunch Family

    A happy family of canine fun, these toys are soft and light and just perfect for indoor games.
  • Kong Crossbit Kettle

    Kong Crossbit Kettle

    The Kong Crossbit Kettle is a great toy for helping to teach your dog to hold and or retrieve.
  • Kong Crossbit Football

    Kong Crossbit Football

    The Kong Crossbit Football Dog Toy has been designed to be great for dogs that like to interact with their owns for playing fetch games.
  • Flamingo


    This fun Flamingo provides hours of entertainment. It is light and soft and perfect for dogs to carry or throw around.


    The KONG Aqua is a floating retrieval toy, which promotes fun and exercise, both in and out of water
  • 5enses


    A ball designed with 5 different senses to help stimulate your dog during play time
  • Congo Family

    Congo Family

    The Congo family are bright and cheerful. A plush toy with lion, rhino and elephant characters.
  • Giant Tortoise

    Giant Tortoise

    This gorgeous cuddly tortoise crinkles, scrumples, honks and squeaks and the legs are perfect for shaking and flapping.
  • Goofy Family

    Goofy Family

    This cute Goofy clan are hard to resist and are more than just a cute face. Each goofy guy has two squeaks, one in his head and one on his tummy
  • Quacker Duck

    Quacker Duck

    Lovely and soft, this happy sunny chap makes a delightful quacking noise when squeezed.


    Giggle sound has a massive dog appeal. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Puncture resistant 'self heal' TPR. Durable and flexible.
  • Gigg 'L' Bone

    Gigg 'L' Bone

    The Gigg L Bone Dog Toy is made from quality TPR "self heal" rubber, this toy can be chewed and shaken to hear the internal 'giggle' sound that drives dogs crazy.
  • Gum 'Y' Ball

    Gum 'Y' Ball

    This is a great toy that dogs love to spend hours playing with, it has been designed to help as a dental toy.
  • Gum 'Y' Bone

    Gum 'Y' Bone

    The Gum 'Y' Bone is designed as a teething toy to help keep your dogs teeth nice and clean. A great toy that will keep your dog happy for an hour or two
  • Gum 'Y' Stick

    Gum 'Y' Stick

    The Gum 'Y' Stick is a nice long stick that can be thrown to interact with your dog. It has been designed to squeak as well as help with your dogs teeth
  • Neon Threads 3 Balls

    Neon Threads 3 Balls

    Neon Threads have become a popular toy for dogs with there bright colours and style of design
  • Neon Threads Bungee Ring

    Neon Threads Bungee Ring

    Like the Figure 8 toy, this has been designed well to withstand a lot of tugging by your dog in a friendly manner.
  • Neon Threads Crackle Bottle

    Neon Threads Crackle Bottle

    We all know that dogs love the sound of the crinkle of plastic bottles, inside this great toy is just the thing your dog desires.
  • Rope Knot

    Rope Knot

    This durable cotton rope twisted tug toy has a rope ball incorporated into it, perfect for throwing due to its light weight. It is available in two bright colour combinations, green and yellow and blue and red
  • Octopus


    Dogs just love to explore the sounds and shapes of this unique toy – they crinkle, scrumple, honk and squeak. These Cuddle Soft toys come in three gorgeous colours and three sizes to suit most breeds and are made from the softest furry fabric with a plush underside and filled with hollow fibre.
  • Shake 'A' Fox

    Shake 'A' Fox

    Shake A Fox is part of fantastic new range of dog toys in the Ruff N Tumble range by Sharples N Grant. This soft, plush toy with internal squeaker has the shakeability factor that dogs love when playing and will provide hours of chewing and throwing 
  • Snak a Ball

    Snak a Ball

    This brightly coloured ball is made from quality plastic and is easy and simple to use, for you and your dog. Simply insert your chosen small treat inside the ball and watch your dog have fun and be rewarded for it by simply rolling the ball around.
  • Star Fish

    Star Fish

    This colourful starfish is available in 3 colours and will keep your dog entertained for hours either as a comfy cushion to rest it’s head or as a play toy.
  • Rubb R Maze

    Rubb R Maze

    Part of a new range of new brightly-coloured rubber dog toys from Sharples 'N' Grant. Rubb 'R' Maze is a great soft rubber toy that dogs will nuzzle.
  • Tug Bug

    Tug Bug

    A happy funky bug, that rattles and squeaks. His six twisted rope legs are ideal for carrying, chewing or tugging.
  • Twister Toy

    Twister Toy

    A happy funky bug, that rattles and squeaks. His six twisted rope legs are ideal for carrying, chewing or tugging.