Bedding & Coats

We have searched and found what we believe are great Bedding & Coats at great prices for your much loved dogs and pups to enjoy. Aiming to keep everyone happy with our price ranges. 
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  • GorPets Active Jacket

    GorPets Active Jacket

    The Outdoor Collection includes this fantastic Active Jacket which has has undergone meticulous development to ensure optimal protection
  • Active Expander

    Active Expander

    The Outdoor Active Expander allows for an extra 16cm around the girth of the Active Jacket, which also maintains the jacket’s comfort and support.
  • Cairo Comfy Cushion Cover

    Cairo Comfy Cushion Cover

    These are the lovely Cairo Comfy Cushion Covers, designed as spare covers for the Cairo Cushion.
  • Cairo Oval Cushion

    Cairo Oval Cushion

    Great Gor Pets cushions which fit into most oval dog beds and ideal for plastic beds
  • Cairo Single Sided Blanket

    Cairo Single Sided Blanket

    The Single Sided Blanket, designed to compliment the Cairo Cushions or for use on a chair at home or in the car.
  • Cairo Standard Bed

    Cairo Standard Bed

    Nice quality Cairo Bed, designed for the comfort of your loved one, Customers whom have brought this also have ordered the Comfy Blanket
  • Ciro Cumfy Cushion

    Ciro Cumfy Cushion

    A stylish comfy Cushion for the dog that likes to lounge around as if every day was a Sunday.
  • Divani Comfy Cushion

    Divani Comfy Cushion

    Gor Pets Comfy Cushions are comfortable, stylish and practical. Two removable covers: Inner cover is water resistant to protect from moisture.
  • Divani Comfy Cushion Cover

    Divani Comfy Cushion Cover

    Customers who have purchased our cushions also order extra covers for washing or just to have a spare.
  • Divani Deluxe Cosy Bed

    Divani Deluxe Cosy Bed

    The Gor Pets Deluxe Cosy Beds are filled with high density bonded fibre and with the high sides to retain heat for warmth and cosiness
  • Divani Sleeper

    Divani Sleeper

    Super comfy and durable these stylish cushions will keep their shape and look good in any home.
  • Divani Sleeper Cover

    Divani Sleeper Cover

    The Divani Sleeper cover is a great thing to have at home as a spare, Dogs love a nice clean sheet on their beds just as much as we do.
  • Nordic Crate Mats

    Nordic Crate Mats

    This range offers warmth and comfort during those cold winter months
  • Royan Oval Cushion

    Royan Oval Cushion

    The Snuggle beds from Gor Pets are made with the softest and warmest materials
  • Royan Snuggle Bed

    Royan Snuggle Bed

    The Snuggle beds from Gor Pets are made with the softest and warmest materials
  • Kensington Deluxe Bed

    Kensington Deluxe Bed

    The Kensington Deluxe Bed is for the pampered pooch, inspired by the stylish London Borough of Kensington this collection reflects the TWEED British Heritage
  • Amber Valley Dog Beds

    Amber Valley Dog Beds

    Our dog beds are great value and come in a Large or Extra Large size. Dogs love them.
  • Worcester Coat

    Worcester Coat

    A lovely Stylish Quilted Coat for your Dog to keep warm whilst out in the cool weather.